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Statement on the Bureau of Land Management’s Final Renewable Energy Rule

DENVER—Today the Bureau of Land Management released its final Renewable Energy Rule, which updates regulations to incentivize and expedite wind and solar energy development on national public lands. The rule codifies lower acreage rental and capacity fees and provides for a streamlined process for renewable energy development in identified priority areas. The Renewable Energy Rule comes […]

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Statement on final mineral withdrawal to protect Colorado’s Thompson Divide

“Some places are too important and too fragile to drill.”

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Report: Which Western states are leading and lagging in protecting public lands?

Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming fall behind while Arizona and Nevada move up thanks to presidential action DENVER—An updated analysis from the Center for Western Priorities finds that not every Western state is living up to its conservation legacy. Oregon in particular has a proud conservation tradition, yet a dysfunctional Congress is blocking the largest conservation opportunity in the […]

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Statement on final Bureau of Land Management rule to curb methane waste

“When oil and gas companies waste taxpayer-owned resources like methane on public lands, they should make taxpayers whole for the loss”

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Statement on Bureau of Land Management’s new sage-grouse plan

DENVER—The Bureau of Land Management today released its draft Sage-grouse Resource Management Plan, nearing completion of a nearly decade-long process that started with the Obama administration’s 2015 sage-grouse plan, which was gutted by the Trump administration. The Trump administration’s attempts to remove protections for the imperiled bird were rejected by the courts in a legal battle that continued into 2023. […]

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STATEMENT on proposed Bears Ears National Monument management plan

Denver—The Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service released a series of potential management plans for Bears Ears National Monument on Friday, March 8. The Bears Ears Commission, Forest Service, and BLM worked together to develop a draft resource management plan (Alternative E) that incorporates traditional Indigenous knowledge, while balancing public access and […]

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