Behind the headlines: old growth logging ban

Dec 21, 2023

Kate and Aaron are joined by Dr. Dominick DellaSala, Chief Scientist at Wild Heritage, a project of the Earth Island Institute. We had Dr. DellaSala on the Landscape back in June to talk about the Biden administration’s efforts to protect old growth forests. At the time, the U.S. Forest Service had just released data that it found more than 32 million acres of old-growth forests remain on public lands in the United States. The administration took a big step to protect those trees this week, with the announcement that it plans to ban commercial logging in all old growth forests on federal land. Dr. DellaSala takes us behind the headlines to discuss what that ban actually entails.



Hosts: Kate Groetzinger & Aaron Weiss 


Music: Purple Planet

Featured image: Old growth forest, Oswald West State Park, Oregon; USFWS, Flickr