How a Wyoming land use plan ended up in a misinformation war

Nov 17, 2023

Aaron and Kate are joined by Julia Stuble, Wyoming State Senior Manager with the Wilderness Society. Julia is a Wyomingite who’s lived and worked in the state for decades. She’s here to talk about a proposed Bureau of Land Management resource management plan, or RMP, for southwest Wyoming that’s making waves in the state. The draft Rock Springs RMP prioritizes conservation in some areas by closing them to new oil and gas leasing, but those areas aren’t of much interest to oil and gas companies anyway. So why is the state making such a ruckus about it? Julia has the answers.



Hosts: Kate Groetzinger & Aaron Weiss 


Music: Purple Planet

Featured image: Boar’s Tusk, Red Desert, Sweetwater County, Wyoming; weesam2010, Flickr