BLM foundation focuses on recreation opportunities

Nov 16, 2023

The Bureau of Land Management’s congressionally chartered nonprofit partner, the Foundation for America’s Public Lands, has released a report with recommendations for how the agency can improve recreation experiences on BLM-managed public land.

The report is the result of listening sessions with stakeholders, including more than 120 organizations that represent interests including off-roading, hunting and fishing, conservation, and local, state and Native American Tribal governments.

One of the report’s main recommendations is that the agency strengthen its commitment to partnership, including by establishing a BLM National Partnership Office, in order to help balance resource protection with recreational access for a growing numbers of visitors. More than 81 million people visited BLM lands last year—a 40 percent increase over the past decade.

A summary of the report includes a number of other recommendations related to the BLM’s recently-released Blueprint for 21st Century Outdoor Recreation. It notes that the agency will likely need more funding to implement the blueprint’s overarching vision, as well as better communication with partners and the public. It notes that the foundation can help with awareness building and funding programs, in addition to interfacing with partners.

Interior pumps money, jobs into economy thanks to Infrastructure Law

The Interior Department released an analysis yesterday celebrating the two-year anniversary of President Joe Biden signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. It finds Interior Department projects funded by the law supported nearly 18,000 jobs and pumped $2 billion into the economy annually in 2022 and 2023.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law contains over $28 billion for Interior Department initiatives, including projects combatting legacy pollution, restoring critical habitats, addressing the drought crisis, assisting with wildland fire management, and helping communities prepare for extreme weather events. The Interior Department has pumped over $4 billion of that money into the Mountain West in the past two years.

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Historical abuses of Indigenous rights have significant responsibility for the heightened severity of climate disruption.”

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Picture This

wild turkeys in field


Once on the brink, #WildTurkeys now flourish in Utah’s wilderness, a testament to effective conservation. These birds, integral to Native American heritage, have rebounded from near extinction to a robust 25-35K population across Utah’s landscapes.


Feature Image: Sacramento Recreational River, California; Source: BLM, Flickr