Center for Western Priorities Releases Video Ad Spotlighting Opportunities to Conserve 30% of America’s Lands and Waters by 2030

Apr 19, 2021

April 19, 2021

DENVER—Today, the Center for Western Priorities released a video ad in support of the growing 30×30 movement to protect 30% of America’s lands and waters by 2030. 

The ad, “30×30 Opportunities,” highlights some of the conservation opportunities brought by the 30×30 initiative, including the protection of America’s majestic landscapes, outdoor access points, fresh water, and wildlife areas. Showing spectacular imagery of outdoor spaces to be preserved, undisturbed animal habitats, clear trail access points, and individuals—diverse in race and age—enjoying open lands, the ad presents viewers with a glimpse of what a 30×30 future could look like. The ad describes 30×30 as “the movement to protect America’s lands and waters while we still can; a once in a generation opportunity to unite around the places that really matter, to open up lands for enjoyment, preserve our most precious resource, and ensure our greatest journeys reach their destination.”

The 30×30 initiative is critical in preventing the collapse of the planet’s natural systems. Global human activity has altered three-quarters of the Earth’s lands, while within the United States, about a football field worth of natural area is lost to human development every 30 seconds. Hundreds of leading scientists warn that the rapid loss of natural space is resulting in a mass extinction, exacerbated by climate change

Protecting 30% of America’s lands and waters by 2030 is a bold conservation vision that will address the climate and biodiversity crises while improving access to the outdoors, expanding conservation opportunities and resources for private landowners, supporting tribal sovereignty, and strengthening local economies. 

In January, President Biden issued an executive order supporting the 30×30 initiative. Several states either have passed or are considering state-level 30×30 resolutions. A supermajority 77% of Westerners support this bold conservation goal.

“30×30 Opportunities”—currently running online and on social media platforms—is part of the Center for Western Priorities’ Road to 30 campaign. The organization is part of a growing movement of local community partners, leaders and grassroots advocates who are making the vision of conserving 30% of America a reality. 

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