Center for Western Priorities launches nationwide ad campaign in defense of national monuments

Apr 3, 2017

Monuments to America built in response to threats from Congress

DENVER—The Center for Western Priorities announced a $500,000 advertising campaign to raise awareness of threats to national monuments and the Antiquities Act. The first 30-second Monuments to America ad, titled “Monumental Legacy”, began running Monday in Washington, D.C., and will expand nationwide to local markets from Nevada to South Carolina in the coming weeks.

The Monuments to America ad features iconic American landscapes that were protected using the Antiquities Act, America’s national monuments law. They include Arches National Park, Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail, Sonoran Desert National Monument, and the Statue of Liberty.

“As extremist opponents of public lands attempt to gut protections and weaken the Antiquities Act, we thought it was important for the American people to learn about the history of the law that protected some of our most treasured national parks and landscapes,” said Jennifer Rokala, executive director at the Center for Western Priorities. “Without the Antiquities Act, the Grand Canyon would likely be the site of open-pit mines today.”

Utah’s congressional delegation continues to pressure President Trump to attempt to erase Bears Ears National Monument, which was protected by President Obama after 80 years of conservation efforts. Legal scholars agree that the Antiquities Act does not grant the president the authority to erase or significantly alter monument designations made by previous presidents.

At the campaign’s website,, visitors can learn about the century-long fight to protect lands and waters from Maine to Oregon, current efforts to eliminate existing national monuments, and Congressional efforts to prevent presidents from designating new monuments.

“Polls consistently show that Americans value their parks and public lands and waters, yet some members of Congress are determined to take away the protections that ensure our monuments will be there for future generations to enjoy,” Rokala said. “We hope this campaign is a wake-up call to anyone who is not aware of the imminent threats our monuments face today from politicians in Washington.”