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RESPONSE to 60 percent cut to free admission days at national parks

DENVER—The National Park Service announced Tuesday it would hold only four admission fee-free days in 2018. This represents a 60 percent cut from 2017, and a 75 percent reduction from the 16 free days in 2016. At the same time, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke continues to support drastic fee increases at America’s most popular national parks.

The Center for Western Priorities released the following statement from Advocacy Director Jesse Prentice-Dunn:

“Not everyone can book a helicopter or charter a boat when they want to visit our national parks. America’s parks must remain affordable for working families—Secretary Zinke seems determined to turn them into a playground for the rich. Instead of pushing massive increases to entrance fees and cutting fee-free days, Ryan Zinke should ensure all Americans have access to our parks and public lands.”


  • Washington Post: Boat ride from Zinke’s California home cost taxpayers an extra $2,000
  • Associated Press: Zinke spent more than $53,000 on three helicopter trips
  • Politico: Watchdog slams Zinke for failing to document travel

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7 hours ago
"He's more like a mad king. And this monarch has control over the crown jewels of America's #publiclands. They are not in safe hands." @SecretaryZinke
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7 hours ago
"There is no scenario in which the United States could become self-sufficient — much less 'energy dominant' — in uranium." @MiriamWasser
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How the Grand Canyon could be the next target for uranium mining:

Trump administration ignores market realities and endangers tribes and the Colorado River.
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8 hours ago
Walter Cruickshank, acting director of @Interior's BOEM contradicts @SecretaryZinke on Florida offshore drilling exemption. #FlipFlop (


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