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Sen. Martin Heinrich on Trump’s national monument proclamation

In this episode of Go West, Young Podcast (subscribe on iTunes or Google Play), New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich weighs in on President Trump’s proclamation attempting to erase more than two million acres from Bears Ears and Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monuments.

CWP’s Jen Rokala and Jesse Prentice-Dunn also join us with their take on the monument attack, as well as the release of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s final national monument recommendations to the president.

Host/producer: Aaron Weiss
Music: Purple Planet
Photo: Sen. Martin Heinrich, US Forest Service

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2 days ago
Montana @GovernorBullock: "Frankly, it makes me wonder whether the president is truly committed to investing in what makes America great, because a fundamental part of what makes America great is our land."
3 days ago
Whether it’s a @CNN op-ed or a @FoxBusiness interview, @SecretaryZinke just can’t stop lying about national monuments.


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