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Clumsy at best, irresponsible at worst

January 30, 2017

President Trump’s hiring freeze hits our public lands. January through March is usually peak hiring season for seasonal jobs in our national parks. The nationwide hiring freeze imposed by President Trump is already creating chaos at national parks and forests in Montana, as reported by the Helena Independent Record and Flathead Beacon.

As the Center for Western Priorities told the Beacon, the lack of communication and details surrounding the freeze is “clumsy mismanagement at best and, depending how long this goes on, woefully irresponsible at worst.”

Public lands rally today in Helena

Defenders of public lands will rally at noon today outside the Montana state capitol. Governor Steve Bullock will headline the rally, along with outdoor business leaders and Trout TV host Hlilary Hutcheson.

Quick hits

Park rangers defy executive branch as “rogue” government Twitter accounts multiply

New York Times | The AtlanticNPR

Here are some of the 3.3 million acres of public land Rep. Jason Chaffetz wants to get rid of

Men’s Journal

Utah legislators advance resolution asking Trump to eliminate Bears Ears National Monument and eviscerate Grand Staircase–Escalante

Salt Lake Tribune | Deseret

Editorial: Congress shouldn’t butcher methane rules

Denver Post

Op-Eds from Nevada to Maine blast attempts to undermine the Antiquities Act

Las Vegas Review-Journal | Bangor Daily News

Largest coal factory in the West could close as wind and solar keep growing

Climate Central | Courier-Journal

Quote of the day

“Ultimately, a healthy democracy depends on science. The pursuit of truth, having an informed citizenry, and the free and open exchange of ideas are all cornerstones of our democracy.”

—Jonathan Foley, Scientific American

Photo: Fire fighters at Glacier National Park, Flathead Beacon

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