When Rep. Ryan Zinke, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Interior Secretary, goes before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee for his confirmation hearing today, Westerners will find out which Ryan Zinke plans to show up for the job: Will it be the Ryan Zinke who says he will defend our public lands, or the Ryan Zinke who votes to undermine them?

In an op-ed in today’s Denver Post, Center for Western Priorities Executive Director Jennifer Rokala has called on the committee members to “insist Zinke give them straight answers on his agenda at Interior.” Here are three questions the senators should consider asking.

The Interior Secretary is arguably the most important Cabinet position in the West. Over the weekend, Westerners urged Rep. Zinke to confirm his commitment to the balanced management of our public lands and resources.

Watch the live webcast of Rep. Zinke’s confirmation hearing, which is set to begin at 12:15 MT, here.

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Quote of the day

“We look forward to finding out which Ryan Zinke intends to run the Department of the Interior—the Ryan Zinke who speaks up for our parks and wildlife refuges, or the Ryan Zinke who votes to undermine them?”

—Executive Director Jennifer Rokala,
Center for Western Priorities

Written by on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017