2015 Wyoming Oil and Gas Toxic Release Tracker

Data requested by the Center for Western Priorities from the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC) indicates oil and gas companies in the state reported 626 spills in 2015, an average of 12 spills per week. While production of oil remained level in 2015 and production of natural gas fell, the number of reported spills in the state was roughly the same as 2014.  

The data, including spill type, spill size, operator responsible, and location is available here.

In 2015, an average of 440 gallons of crude oil were spilled each day in Wyoming, along with 12,232 gallons of “produced water,” salty wastewater often laden with chemicals. Of the spills reported, produced water spills were the most common, with 419 reported, followed by 279 reported oil spills. Memorial Production Operating LLC reported the most spills, followed by Anadarko and EOG Resources.

Operators in Campbell County reported 117 spills, followed by 97 in Sweetwater County and 70 in Converse County. Combined, operations in these three counties accounted for 45 percent of all reported spills within the state.



Data on reported spills in 2014 and 2015 was obtained from the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Duplicate reports were eliminated, along with reports for incidents that did not result in a spill. Some incident reports listed more than one material spilled, thus the sum of spills broken down by material spilled is greater than the total number of incidents.